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AR-COMEQ Used Machines

AR-COMEQ is specialised in the trade of quality used machines and equipment for the following industrial fields:


Mobile Cranes, Portal Cranes, Slewing Cranes, Container Gantry Cranes, Reachstackers, Fork Lifts, Terminal Tractors, Roll pallets, Shiploaders, Shipunloaders, Material Hand­lers, Grabs, Spreaders, etc.


Piling- and Drilling Equip­ment, Rope- and Hydraulic Excavators, Floating/Suction Dredgers, Tower Cranes, Generators, Pumps etc.
Heavy Load
Telescopic and Lattice boom Truck Cranes, Heavy Load Trailers


Cranes, Section Transporters, Floating Docks, Dynamome­ters, Presses, Cutting-, Bending-, and Welding ma­chines etc.

Scrap Processing

Shredders, Separators, Scrap Shears, Conveyors, Handling Excavators, Scrap Grabs

In this regard, we are purchasing such machines in Germany and other Western European countries and supply­ing them mainly to our export customers. Our experience makes us a reliable partner also where additional ser­vices are required, such as inspection, conver­sion/refurbish­ment/upgrade, dismantling, special road and sea transportation, re-erection, commissioning and effective project management.

We are continuously searching for appropriate machinery and would appreciate if you contact us when such equip­ment becomes available from your company. In case you are planning to purchase used machines or equipment yourself, please contact us and ask for available items. If we can not offer immediately we will make efforts to find the required machinery. As we understand business as a partnership we buy and sell at fair rates.

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